Overcome the Fear and Find the Universal Power of Connection

Today’s corporate teams face unprecedented challenges, and working together toward a common purpose can feel impossible. Leaders are asked to do more with less, while outside forces like politics and pandemics keep us apart.

World-renowned motorcycle adventurer and TV host Allan Karl spent years traveling across 80+ countries and 100K+ miles on 2 wheels. His adventures have been the subject of a critically acclaimed book and shows on travel and cooking channels.

Through those adventures and his own career background in the C-Suite, Allan gained a unique perspective through finding resilience in adversity, navigating changes, and finding common ground with unlikely connections. Today, he shares these lessons though captivating tales of the open road to audiences around the world.

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Navigating the Roads of Change

Trust | Change | Resilience

Finding Adventure
in Adversity

Breaking Barriers | Resilience

Across Cultures

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A Quest For Culture, Cuisine And Connection.

Discover the world through people and food with adventurer Allan Karl.

Explore 35 countries on five continents: Witness their beauty through stunning photographs. Meet their peoples through individual stories of collision and connection. Taste their cultures through the flavors and foods in 40 signature recipes.

The stories, photographs, and recipes in FORKS give readers an opportunity to cross into unfamiliar and often dangerous territories, explore unique world cultures, and chart an extraordinary expedition around the world, all while savoring the flavors of local food. 

A book to satisfy seasoned explorers, armchair travelers, and culinary adventurers alike.

3 Years
5 Continents
35 Countries
Alone On A Motorcycle

Adventure keynote speaker Allan Karl is a world traveler, photographer, author, and successful entrepreneur.

Allan inspires teams to overcome fear in order to take more chances, tackle obstacles, and smile — especially in the face of adversity.

His incredible, real-world stories involve ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances that are truly memorable and stand the test of time.

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