Take a Chance, Pursue Dreams, and Connect With People

Allan Karl found career success by creating one of the top 50 digital marketing agencies in the 1990s and was looking for a new challenge outside of the C-Suite life. His next journey would span over three years, five continents, 35 countries alone on a motorcycle.

Life on the open road and traveling to unfamiliar places has always been about taking chances and feeling more connected with the world around you. Every road stop in a new place can present new challenges that force you to overcome your fears, look for connection, and trust in others to help guide you on your journey.

Throughout his journey, Allan quickly discovered how easy it was to form new friendships and find help even in the most unlikely of places. He was overwhelmed by the goodness of humanity and experienced the power of human connection on a daily basis.

Today, Allan delivers exciting and inspirational keynote addresses that share the lessons he learned on the road and how human connection and trust can help build a greater collaboration among team members and dramatically improve communication your organization.

Life in the C-Suite

Allan has always been optimistic of what is truly possible. His career took off when he started one the top 50 digital agencies in the 1990s. His company quickly acquired 14 other agencies and had grown to hire over 200 employees.

Allan closed a major investment deal with Private Equity, and the company was eventually acquired by Accenture.

As his life in the C-Suite was coming to an end, Allan was ready to venture out on a new journey.

3 Years, 80+ Countries, and 100,000 Miles on Motorcycle Alone.

Allan set off on what would become a three year motorcycle journey traveling from California to the Arctic Circle and through South America.

Although Allan was a solo traveler, he quickly discovered he never truly felt alone. Even in the most dangerous parts of the world, it was always possible to connect with people, with humanity.

Friendships were made easily on the road, and Allan discovered that most people he met went out of their way to talk to him, offer help and travel advice, and invite him into their homes for a home cooked meal.

Trust Yourself. Trust Others.

Allan’s journey led him to many forks in the road. There were very real moments of fear, self-doubt, danger, and several injuries that made him question whether he had come to the end of his journey.

The daily reminders of the true goodness of people, however, helped him make sense of the changes his my life by realizing how important it is to trust in others as well as in oneself.

Allan was escorted into the jungle by gun-toting Colombian rebels, guided to safety when he got lost in the Arctic Circle, and nursed back to health after he broke my leg in Bolivia. Regardless of the country he was traveling, when he needed help, it was always there.

The Beginning At The End of The Road.

Allan’s journey lasted three years, and despite the many setbacks and accidents, he eventually found his way back home to California.

While his time on the road was never short of adventure, there was no greater thrill or resonance than the thrill of making new connections with people.

Sharing experiences, food, conversations, and help when others needed it was still at the heart of Allan’s daily routine even at home.

Although he had reached the end of the road with his travels, it was just the beginning of his new journey ⁠— to share his message of human connection.

FORKS: A Quest For Culture, Cuisine, And Connection

In FORKS: A Question For Culture, Cuisine, And Connection Allan shares his message of connection with captivating storytelling and award-winning photography that touch themes of adventure, personal growth, creativity, innovation, tolerance, environment, effective communication, travel as education, and the importance of following dreams and pursuing passions.

The real truth is that it’s easy to connect with people—humanity—even in the most challenging situations.

Ride With Allan and Inspire Your Audience to Embrace Change.

Today, Allan inspires corporate audiences to embrace change, step outside of their comfort zone, and learn to really trust yourself and others on your team.

As organizations see global changes on a greater scale each year, Allan’s keynote presentations combine exciting storytelling with real-world inspiration on how audiences can face challenges with confidence and form more meaningful connections with each other.