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7 Rules to Live By: For A More rewarding Life

When it comes to achieving a sustainable balance in life and increasing happiness, I have some solid ideas and recommendations that I believe are essential for you to take to heart and start practicing today.


Five Reasons Why Trying Something New Will Change Your Life

If you lack motivation and drive, it’s time to reset your creativity, fire up your synapses, and turn yourself around. You can do this simply by trying something new—different.


Five Reasons Why Connecting Is The Hottest Speaking Topic & Business Challenge Today

It’s no secret that success in business, life and love comes from strong connections and relationships.


Can Social Media Be A Bridge To Real Meaningful Relationships?

This July, I attended the NSA national conference in Philadelphia, and it left me wondering about social media’s role in helping us connect with people.


Three Keys to Better Leadership & Increased Innovation

When it comes to leading a successful life in both personal and business, there is nothing that creates more value and brings more possibilities than a strong leader and innovative ideas.


If Price Is All You Can Sell, Your Value Will Spiral Down the Abyss

The next time your sales team wants to compete based on price, resist the draw to fall into the trap because you’ll fall and keep falling and find extreme difficulty in getting out.